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As good as gravel gets! FIVE challenging and awesome stages (100+ km with 60% off-road) from Vosges (FR) to the famous Cauberg (NL). Stages are self-reliant but with support of the organisation (Trek mecanics on camp, medical support, emergency rescue and extensive road book). Five nights at The Ride Gravel base camp with all facilities including showers, restrooms, WiFi, Kwaremont bar, campfire, soul food, BBQ and music & entertainment. Closing party at the finish at Cauberg (at Shimano Experience Center, Valkenburg). See what's in the deal below, choose your package (how to make your nights comfy) and get gravelling! 

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Take your gravel to another level and register for The Ride Gravel. Choose the package that suits you best. 

Secure your entry package now: pay one third at registration and the second term only in June 2021.

What is in the deal when I register?

Choose your package

GPX routes


Road book


Basic bike support 

Medical support 

Emergency service

Finish square with food truck, BBQ, bar & coffee

Finish Party Cauberg

Practical information

What's the deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is August 1, 2021. But don't wait too long, we might run out of participation packages since we only have 250 participation packages... As soon as we are sold  out we will close the registration, that may be well before the deadline.
What are the packages rates?
As a participant you have three options to be part of The Ride Gravel, presented by Trek. You can bring your own tent (package Rough and Tumble) but you can also have more luxury with a pitched tent with a mattress (Lean and Mean) and we even have the VIP option of a big tent with a bed and mattress (Bold and Beautiful). For all options in the packages, check out our packages page on this website. Prices?

Rough and Tumble: € 795,-
Lean and Mean: € 1045,-
Bold and Beautiful: €1195,-
What can I expect at the checkpoint?
During The Ride Gravel you are self-reliant during the day. You provide for yourself during the stages. There will be an overview of places you can eat or drink in The Ride Gravel road book. Every stage will also have one checkpoint (midway) where you can grab water and fruit. We will also use the checkpoint to keep track of you, you can rest a bit and head out for the second leg of your gravel stage of the day.
What route are we taking?
In five amazing tracks we're heading from the Vosges in France to the Cauberg (the iconic Dutch 'mountain'). Route master Gijs has made magnificent stages (powered by komoot) which bring you through France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands. The Ride Gravel tracks are 100+ km and 60% off-road. For the hardcore gravellers you can choose optional extra long routes for stage 2 and 4.
What requirements must my bicycle meet?
You preferably need a gravel bike (our partner Trek has great ones ;-) with wide tires. But a CX or mountain bike is also an option. During The Ride Gravel you cannot use a road bike with narrow tires, you have to have at least 38mm.
What do I need to bring during The Ride Gravel?
Well before the event you'll receive a packing list, whichgives you detailed info on what to bring. We also organise riders meetings where we will discuss this topic as well. We will inform you by mail on the riders events and info you will have in your personal digital vault; The Gravel Hub. You can visit that with your personal login code on our website.

Do you have another question?

The Ride Gravel tracks The Ride Gravel tracks


Get on your Gravel bike and conquer 5 challenging stages, 100+ km and 60% off-road, from Vosges (FR) to the Cauberg (NL). There's one refuel station with water and fruit per stage and emergency support. 

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