Five epic stages, five countries, The Ride Gravel Five epic stages, five countries, The Ride Gravel


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The routes are provisional and subject to changes.
Five awesome stages (all explored and pre-ridden by routemeister Gijs) brought to you by komoot
The most beautiful paved and unpaved roads, path, trails in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Moresnet and The Netherlands
Daily choice between standard length stage (100 km, level: intermediate) or XL stage (up to 125 km, level: experts), both at least 60% off road
The event is perfect for riders from intermediate to expert level (In doubt of your level? Mail for a check by our cycling trainer Erwin!)
Final routes will be presented well in advance of the event. Our routemeister Gijs present to you all the standard routes of The Ride Gravel 2024. Day 1 to 4 has XL options, every day extra 20-30 kilometers and extra 250-500 elevation. 

The route is new and improved, 40% different to The Ride Gravel 2023.

The Ride Gravel 2024 standard routes

Sunday, September 8

Echternacherbrück - Esch-Sauer

The first stage of The Ride Gravel serves you ‘Little Switzerland’ in the country of Luxembourg with the most altitude meters of the week. The start is in Germany, but in no time you will enter Luxembourg by passing the river Sûre. This part of the Benelux is hilly with steep climbs and rocky formations. All day it goes up and down on unpaved farm roads and some forest roads, including a beautiful downhill section on a small path between rocks and evergreens. The hardest part of today is the final climb in Sauertall.

Monday, September 9

Esch-Sauer - La Roche en Ardenne

From the start it is a long downhill to Esch-sur-Sûre. Following some stunning tracks around the lake area of this town to finally start a long climb to Belgium. The Ardennes area is the canvas of today, where the river L'Ourthe in Belgium meanders all the way to the finish town La Roche en Ardenne. This part of Belgium is famous for its gravel roads and abondoned area. And you will ride from top to bottom climbing in and out the valley.

Tuesday, September 10

La Roche en Ardenne - Prüm

Today the route will go back to Germany from the heart of the Ardennes to the Eifel area at the medieval place Prüm, famous for fortresses and castles. From the start it is a long climb to the plateau of Baraque the Fraiture. Just after crossing the border a long climb will challenge you to push your limits again. Going in and off the different valleys gives you a height profile that might scare you. Luckily the last part of the route is a on a former railway line, with good asphalt and a permanent slope of 1-2% to Prüm.

Wednesday, September 11

Prüm - Hellenthal

The Eifel is divided in different parts, from the Volcano Eifel area to the North Eifel where stage 4 will finish in Hellenthal. Prüm is located in the South Eifel. But if you look at the map you could ride from A to B within 40 kilometers. Not today tough! The route will show you all corners of the area and is a succession of highlights, like the gravel version of the Schneifelhöhenweg by the Schwarser Mann at almost 700 meters high. Today also includes a part of Belgiums Haute Vagnes with great gravel roads through densted forest. Around Hellenthal we found the best gravelroads and even a long cobble climb up to an old castle. A great day on the bike! 

Thursday, September 12

Hellenthal - Heerlen

The final day has more downhill meters than uphill meters, but looking at the profile will make you realize it is not as easy as you might think. One of the best parts of today are the gravel roads in the forest all the way to Monschau with beautiful sections next to rivers and densted forest. The part in the Hautes Vagnes is a combination of wide gravel roads and paved backroads. Up to the three-country point at the Vaalserberg in The Netherlands. The roads are mostly backroads, paved, some sandy, some rocky and a section of gravel on a cycling path with a great view to an old railway bridge. Just before coming to The Netherlands you pass the fourth country, Central Moresnet (officially the Undivided Area of Moresnet). The last part of the route is famous for its gravel roads in The Netherlands that will bring you to the finish town Heerlen.



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Routemeister Gijs Bruinsma tells you more about the routes of The Ride Gravel 2024. These are provisional and subject to changes.

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