Frequently Asked Questions about The Ride Gravel Frequently Asked Questions about The Ride Gravel


Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed some questions (with the answers ;-) ) about The Ride Gravel for you. Is your question not on the list...? Please contact us at We'll make sure to get back to you a.s.a.p.


What's the deadline for registration for The Ride Gravel?
The deadline for registration is August 15, 2023. But don't wait too long, we might run out of participation packages since we only have 250 participation packages... As soon as we are sold out we will close the registration, that may be well before the deadline. 
What are the package rates?
As a participant you have three options to be part of The Ride Gravel ,presented by Trek. You can bring your own tent (package Rough and Tumble) but you can also have more luxury with a pitched tent with a mattress (Lean and Mean) and we even have the VIP option of a big tent with a bed and mattress (Bold and Beautiful). For all options in the packages, check out our packages page on this website. Prices? 

Rough and Tumble: € 795,-
Lean and Mean: € 1145,-
Bold and Beautiful: €1295,-

Non rider: €595
Volunteer: FREE 
Can I cancel my registration?
After entering The Ride Gravel you cannot cancel with a refund. So we strongly advise to take out a cancellation insurance that also covers sport injuries. We offer Dutch and Belgian residents a cancellation insurance through our third party insurance agent Maurice Veltmeyer. You will be able to book this cancellation insurance directly or within seven days after registration for the event.
Can I book cancellation insurance through you?
If you are a Dutch or Belgian resident you can book the cancellation insurance with sports injuries coverage through our thiry party insurance agent Maurice Veltmeijer. You can also take out the cancellation insurance yourself. Please check with your insurance company if sports injuries are covered.
I have not received confirmation of my registration. Now what?
All participants receive a conformation email. Make sure you enter with your correct e-mail address. Check your spambox, maybe it ended up in there. Still no conformation mail? Contact us
I am unable to register via the site, can I also register another way?
For sure! You can call us (+31 (0)88-3665410) and we will personally help you to register online. You can reach us during office hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 and 17:00 (Amsterdam / Central European Time). If we need to help you through the process you can only pay by direct debit.


Participation Package...? What's that?
You can choose one of the three participation packages (Rough & Tumble, Lean & Mean and Bold & Beautiful). All packages include your entry fee, so all riders will get the atmosphere, the routes, the vibe at the finish square, the basic bike support, the emergency service, the checkpoints (with water and fruit), the riders' guide and road book etc.. The way you spend your nights, that's the main difference per package. Want to bring your own tent? Sure, choose Rough & Tumble package. Want more luxury with a private large popup tent with inflatable bed with mattress and electricity in your tent? Choose Bold & Beautiful package. The Lean and Mean package includes a smaller popup tent with mattress.

In the Lean & Mean and the Bold & Beautiful package the breakfast and evening dinners are included. Have a Rough & Tumble package? You can add the meals as an upgrade to your package.

For all packages: we will transport your luggage from campsite to campsite. 
Do I have access to a power connection at the campsite?
Sure! There are possibilities to charge your bicycle computer, mobile phone and other devices in our so-called The Ride Charging Points. These are located at the Finish Square. For Bold and Beautiful-participants: you also have power connection in your big Camping+ tent.
Can I use WiFi at the campsite?
Yes, the campsites have WiFi. The quality cannot be guaranteed (since we are with a peloton and we all want to communicate after the stages :-)), but there is also internet coverage on your mobile phone. 
Can I wash my cycling clothes?
You can hand wash your cycling kit, so bring some hand washing liquid. Some camp sites will have washing machines but we recommend to be self-reliant and opt for the washing by hand.
Is there a place to dry cycling clothes?
Yes! If the weather is nice you can dry outside If it's rainy we'll make sure there is a area where you can dry your wash.
Can I securely park my bike at the campsite?
We know that cyclists like to sleep close to their bikes. So that will be possible. You can have your bike near your tent. It's important to bring a good lock: safety first. If you want to store your bike in a secured place, that is possible. The event manager on location will make sure that your bike gets the place that you think it deserves.
Where can I keep my valuables while cycling?
Your are responsible for keeping your valuables safe. The organisation does not have a vault at your disposal :-). So we recommend not to bring valuable stuff,  such as laptops or tablets. Please leave them at home. You can take your phone and wallet with you on your bike, you will need them during the stages anyway :-).
What's the finish square?
The Finish Square is our central point at the campsite. You can have breakfast and dinner here, and we'll host our evening briefings here. The bar, the mechanics and the first aid team will also be around this area. 


What route are we taking?
In five amazing tracks we're heading from Southern Eifel in Germany to the Cauberg (the iconic Dutch 'mountain'). Route master Gijs has made magnificent stages (powered by komoot) which take you through 5 countries France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands, The Ride Gravel tracks are a mix of paved and unpaved roads. during the route you wil face sand, clay, grass, stony, rocky, cobblestones and tarmac surfaces. All stages except for last stage will have standard route (around 100 km) and XL-route (up to 150 km); with a free choice every day for riders.

Provisional route. Subject to change. Our routemeister Gijs is currently exploring the routes and will present the stages of around 100 km in January. All stages but the last, will also have the XL version (up to 150 km) for those who want to have even more challenge.

Our race director car will be on the road and in contact with our First Aid team and the broomwagon, in case that's needed.

On the route there is a midway station where you can get water, fruit, sportdrinks and soup. There will also be another waterpoint during the stage where you can fill your water bottles.
Can the route be altered?
Yes, the route can alter, this depends on permits and changing traffic. Two weeks before the event you'll receive the GPX files (through komoot) from the organisation. You can download these files for every cycling computer. 


What can I expect at the checkpoint?
During The Ride Gravel you are self-reliant during the day. You provide for yourself during the stages. There will be an overview of places you can eat or drink in the online road book. Every stage will have one checkpoint (midway) where you can grab water, fruit, sportdrink, snacks and soup. We will also use the checkpoint to keep track of you, you can rest a bit and head out for the second leg of your gravel stage of the day. We also provide an unmanned waterstation, where you can fill your water bottels. 
Are meals included in the participation packages?
The Ride Gravel is about adventure and finding your way. All participants will get an online road book with stops they can make, so you can take care of lunch on the road.  A varied breakfast and nutritious dinner is included for the Lean & mean and the Bold & Beautiful packages. For the Rough & Tumble package it is possible to upgrade the package with brekafast and evening dinners.
I am a vegetarian or have an allergy, do you accommodate that?
Yes, for sure! A few weeks before The Ride Gravel we'll send you a form where you can fill in your dietary requirements or allergies.


What requirements must my bicycle meet?
You preferably need a real gravel bike (our partner Trek has great ones ;-) with wide tires. A mountain bike is also an option. During The Ride Gravel you cannot use a road bike with narrow tires, you have to have at least 38mm but preferably wider.
Can I do The Ride Gravel?
The Ride Gravel is five stages of over 100 km a day. That's a challenge. You should be in good shape when you arrive at the start of the event. You will need at least a month before the event to make sure you are ready for the challenge. If you don't feel confident about your training programme... just drop us a line ( We will put you in touch with an experienced trainer (Erwin Florie of D1 Cycling Training) who will give you free advice on how to train and prepare physically!
What do I need to bring during The Ride Gravel?
Well before the event you'll receive a packing list, it gives you all detailed info on what to bring. We also organise riders meetings where we will discuss this topic as well. We will inform you by mail on the riders events and you will have info in your personal digital vault ; The Gravel Hub. You can visit that with your personal login code on our website.

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